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Barbas wood burning fire Unilux-6: compact powerhouse

Extra shallow and suitable for every setting.  A feature of the new Barbas Unilux-6 insert wood burning fires is the limited built-in depth of just 35 cm. The fire thus fits into every 'shallow' setting, which would otherwise have been unsuitable.

With its varied wood-burning insert-fireplaces, Barbas is offering consumers with an existing "open fire" an alternative which delivers far more efficiency and heat. Numerous open fireplaces have been fitted with an insert fireplace. But there are circumstances where wood burning fires are not suitable because there just isn't sufficient space. The new Unilux-6 fits in everywhere; in both new-build and existing situations. Thanks to the handy adjustable feet, the Unilux-6 can always be levelled perfectly.

Unilux-6 40   Unilux-6 52 Klassiek Kader

Unilux-6 40 Frameless                                                            Unilux-6 52 Classic frame

Unilux-6 65 Inbouw kader   Unilux-6 75

Unilux-6 65 Built-in frame                                                      Unilux-6 75 Insert frame
Four options
Barbas offers eight models in the Unilux-6 range, in various heights and widths. Just like its 'big brother' the Universal-6, there is a choice of four stylish frames to suit every interior. Those who opt for the frame-less design can choose their own surround for the fire. The classic frame, which is equally wide on all sides, allows simple and straightforward installation into an existing situation. The latest trend, an insert frame, unifies the fire and the surround. With this frame, the 8 mm edge around the fireplace is part of the appliance. Option four is the sturdy built-in frame in 8mm steel, where the technology is hidden under the fire, creating a beautiful minimalist appearance.

Frameless    Classic frame

Frameless                                                  Classic frame

Insert frame     Built-in frame

Insert frame                                              Built-in frame
Concrete ceramic The Universal-6 wood-burning fireplaces have a concrete ceramic interior; this is an interior lining designed in-house by Barbas. The reinforced concrete ceramic contributes to better combustion thanks to its design. This makes the wood "burn" less quickly, resulting in a peaceful and uniform combustion.

Deepened combustion base.  Despite the limited built-in depth of just 35 cm, the Unilux-6 has a deepened combustion base, allowing additional space for the fire itself. The deepened combustion base is enabled by the modified combustion system via the left and right hand side of the fire. The burning floor is made of 8 mm thick steel with a grate for the primary supply of combustion air.

Sunken burning floor

Sunken burning floor
Air supply Of course, Barbas has paid a lot of attention to the combustion technology in compliance with the latest rules and regulations. The Unilux-6 fires can draw combustion air straight from the living room. This air is then supplied to the fire via the front (open combustion). You can also opt for the Unilux-6 to draw combustion air from outside and supply it to the combustion space via connection under or to the rear of the fire (closed combustion). This latter option is ideal for the more effectively insulated houses we now live in and offers more choice in terms of installation.

Flue outlet. The connection option for flue outlet  is a new unique feature. The well thought out design of the Unilux-6 means this can be connected to the top or rear of the system or a diagonal connection is also an option.

Boven aansluitingAchter aansluitingDiagonaal aanlsluiting

Top connection                                            Rear connection                                    Diagonal connection


Especially for the UK!


The Unilux-6 can optionally be supplied as a multi-fuel appliance. This option is only available in the UK. This version of the fireplace has a specially designed grate with an extra deep ashtray, a raised  log retainer and an adapted burning floor. So for instance, when stoking coal, this does justice  to  the  balanced  combustion  technology,  so  that  you  can  enjoy  a  trouble-free  and  pleasant burning fire.


Unilux-6           Unilux-6

 Unilux-6 wood appliance                                           Unilux-6 multi-fuel kit with concrete blocs

Unilux-6      Unilux-6 Multi-fuel

Unilux-6 wood appliance                                             Unilux-6 multi-fuel kit with concrete blocs and log retainer

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