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Press release June 2015 - Premium Fire

Premium Fire Revolutionary 3D burner from BellfiresDouble (height) burner

After the Line Fire and Centre Fire, Bellfires is now introducing its double burner: Premium Fire. This creates an extremely realistic, three-dimensional fire picture, with the flames genuinely emerging from the stacked logs. A gas fire has never so closely resembled a log fire.

Life-like camp fire
The Premium Fire has a total of three burners with specially designed logs; one in the middle, one to the left and one to the right. These burners are slightly tilted upwards so that the flames create the look of a genuine fire. The fact that the three burners are fitted into the logs means that the flames actually emerge from the wood.


Corner Bell Topsham   View Bell Topsham
Corner Bell Topsham 3                                                           View Bell Topsham 3 
Derby Large 3

Special efficiency setting
As is the case for all double burners, the Premium Fire also includes Bellfires' dual setting. On slightly warmer days, you can therefore shut down half of the left or right burner depending on your heating needs. As a result of this efficiency setting, the flames at the rear of the left and right logs disappear. The output can thus be reduced to around 40%. And when less gas is consumed, there is a significant saving on heating costs. The high flame effect at the front of both burners, remains intact and you retain the atmosphere as a result. In cold weather, both burners can be turned on in full so that there are flames at the front and rear of the burners. Of course, the flames can be set higher or lower in both settings, for further heat reduction.


Both burners on                                                         Only the front burner on (economy setting)

Ambient lighting and decoration
A revolutionary feature is the ambient lighting integrated under the burner bed, which provides a realistic glow-effect across the entire burner. This adds an extra dimension to the fire's appearance. The light strength can be regulated. The lighting can also be on even if the fire itself is switched off. The Premium Fire also encompasses a special set of burner decorations with embers, coals, amber and black decorative glass and 'ash'. This type of detailing from Bellfires means that the gas fire in the Premium Fire burners cannot be distinguished from a real fire.

Ambient lighting with flames                                     Ambient lighting without flames
The Premium Fire is available in:




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