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Contemporary Stoves & Inserts

At Murphy Heating we think it is safe to say that we all love the homely and warm atmosphere that a traditional stove brings to any home. Having said that, we also understand that in today's world there is also a demand for designer type stoves that fit in with a modern architectural house design. Additionally, as stove & fire technology continues to improve, there is available today a wide range of brilliantly efficient, eco-friendly modern stoves - makes and models to suit virtually every conceiveable situation.

Please browse our Comptemporary Stoves, Inserts & Fires as detailed below:

Multi-fuel Stoves
  Nestor Martin
    Woodbox Technology
      S Line
      H Line
      RH Line
      FH Line
      IT / ITH

    ACR NEO 1P
    ACR NEO 3C

    Cove 1
    Cove 2
    Cove 3
    Tor Pico

  Dovre Astroline



    SCAN 50
    SCAN 58
    SCAN Andersen 10
    SCAN Andersen 8-2
    SCAN Andersen 4-5

    Stuv 16 Cube
    Stuv 16 Cube
    Stuv 30

    TermaTech TT20
    TermaTech TT40
   Multi-fuel Inserts
  Small Inserts - 5kW
    Nestor Martin IT / ITH
    ILD 6
    Stovax Riva Studio 1
    Barbas Unilux 3 40
    Cleanburn Sonderskoven

  Di Lusso
    Di Lusso R4
    Di Lusso R5
    Di Lusso R6

    DSA 3-2
    DSA 3-5
    DSA 8-5
    DSA 12

    Riva 40
    Riva 50
    Riva 55
    Riva 66
    Riva 66 Avanti
    Stockton 7
    Stockton 7 View
    Stockton 8 Inset Convector
    Stockton Milner
    Stovax Riva Studio 1
    Stovax Riva Studio 2
    Stovax Riva Studio 3
    Download Riva Cassette Brochure (PDF 5.3MB)
    Download Riva Studio Brochure (PDF 4.1MB)

    Stuv 16 IN
    Stuv 21

  Fogo Montanha
    E600H & E560H

    Escamo 90
    Escamolux 55-55
    Escamolux 70-55
    Escamolux 70-65
    Escamolux 80-65
    Escamolux 90-45
    Escamolux 105-45
    Cuatro 2 60
    Cuatro 2 70
    Cuatro 2 80
    Unilux 3 40
    Unilux 3 55

  Multi-fuel Inset Boiler Stoves
    Charnwood SLXi 45
    Stovax Stockton 7
    Stovax Stockton 7 View     ESSE GreenSwitch 350

   Gas Inserts & Fires
      Studio Fires
        Studio Edge
        Studio Bauhaus
        Studio Profil
        Studio 22
        Studio Icon
        Studio Fire Sizes
        Riva Cassette
        Riva Avanti
        Riva Designio
        Riva Esprit
        Riva Profil
        Riva Vetro
      Logic E-box
        Gazco Amhurst
      Gazco Fires
        Logic Hotbox
        Logic E-box
        Logic Convector



      Gas Fura 100 Tunnel

      Vento 70 Frame A
      Vento 130 Frame A
      Vento 60 Frame B
      Vento 80 Frame C
      Vento 80 Tunnel
      Vento Classic 75

   Double Sided Stoves
  Barbas Energa Tunnel
  Stovax Stockton 11
  Stuv 21

3 Sided & Feature Fires
We also stock other various 3 Sided Stoves and Feature Fires by Spartherm, Traforart & Rocal. Please contact us for more information.
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