ACR Ashdale

The Ashdale's 7Kw output makes it suitable for medium to large sized rooms. Traditional in style yet equipped with the latest stove technology, The Ashdale is highly controllable allowing you to get the most efficient burn rate from your fuel. A powerful airwash ensures a clear view of the flames during operation. Available in traditional matt black paint or a choice of luxurious enamels - buttermilk, gloss black and majolica brown.

DEFRA approval allows wood to be burned in smoke controlled zones and with the ability to burn smokeless fuels making the Ashdale a practical option to heat your home whether in the town or country.

Ashdale Feature List

  • DEFRA approved
  • 7Kw output
  • Cast Iron construction
  • Multifuel appliance
  • Powerful airwash
  • Available in matt black paint finish or buttermilk majolica brown or gloss black enamel finishes

Stove Fuel Choices

  • Wood
  • Multifuel

Stove Flue Choices

  • Rear flue exit
  • Top flue exit

Ashdale Specifications

Spec Value
Height 660mm
Width 515mm
Depth 370mm
Output 7Kw
Efficiency 75.9% gross 83.4% nett
Temperature less than 100 degrees on the hearth
Weight 110Kg
Diameter 125mm
Boiler 0

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