Charnwood Island 3B

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The Island IIIb is the brand new wood burning boiler stove from Charnwood. Based on the hugely successful Island III stove the Island IIIb is the ultimate in biomass heating. Equipped with the renowned Charnwood riddling grate for easy ash removal and fully boiler sensitive thermostatically controlled the Island IIIb combines leading edge boiler technology with its exceptional aesthetic design. As an integral boiler stove it is optimised to heat water thus ensuring exceptional performance compared to add-in boilers which reduce the efficiency of the dry stove.

  • Integral boiler with an output suitable for heating domestic hot water and approximately 10 radiators. Click here for explanation of outputs.
  • Thermostatic control which is water temperature sensitive, enabling this model to be used with sophisticated central heating controls.
  • Option of the Charnwood pre-wired Central Heating Control System for use with this stove.
  • Cleanburn "airwash" system using preheated air for combustion purposes which ensures clean glass and reduced emissions The secondary airwash air is controlled by the thermostat.
  • Unrivalled riddling grate to allow easy removal of ash. The grate can also be opened slightly to increase burning rate when required.
  • A cool to touch handle.
  • Large firebox with the ability to burn up to 550mm logs.
  • Sweep the chimney through the stove with the drop-down throat plate.
  • Wooden handled multi-functional tool for riddling and ash disposal included.
  • Boiler firebox comes with a market leading 3 year parts guarantee. Click here for full details.
  • Available in a choice of 8 Colours.

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