Harmony 3B

Harmony 3B comes with factory fitted central heating boiler for radiators and hot water!

With the ability to provide the ideal combustion conditions for burning solid fuels from the darkest coal to the lightest wood, the Harmony multi fuel stove is an impressive engineering achievement. High efficiency stoves are often difficult to light because of the internal baffling but the Harmont is equipped with a direct flue path damper to ensure easy lighting and once lit, the thermostatically controlled primary air supply and manually optimized pre-heated secondary air supply allow you to regulate the heat output from the stove precisely.

With the Harmony I giving up to 7kW and the Harmony III giving up to 16kW of heating together with the ability to burn for long periods between refuelling, total control of the stove is not only important for comfort but for the efficiency of the stove and efficient use of its heating capacity.

Both models can be fitted with boilers to heat domestic hot water and the Harmony III can be fitted with a larger boiler to heat water radiators. It has never been so desirable to make wood or other solid fuels the power to warm your home.

Maximum Heat Output to Room 16kW
Maximum Log Length 558mm/22inches
Flue Outlet 153mm/6inches
Flue Outlet Position The stove is supplied with fittings to allow either top or back outlets.
Finishes Available Matt cast black, bottle green enamel & satin black enamel.
Accessories Supplied Poker, riddling tool, ash pan withdrawing tool, air control adjusting tool, installation instructions, & operating instructions. A plinth in a matching finish can be supplied as an optional extra. Thermostatic air control, top loading access.
Bi-Metallic Air Shutter Giving measured changes in air flow rates to increase efficiency and reduce the formation of clinker.
Air Wash System For ensuring the complete combustion of fuels which burn with large flames and to form a barrier of air between the glass and these potentially staining fuels.
Thermostatically Controlled Burning Allowing your temperature setting of the stove to dictate the burning rate of fuels needing an under grate air supply.
Top Baffle System Cast iron baffles route the hot gases through a long path, giving time for the heat to be released to the stove while maintaining the combustion chamber temperature.
Cast Iron Protection Plates When cleaning the stove these plates can be removed without fear of them crumbling as do mineral bricks.
Clean Riddling The riddling lever, located behind the lower door, enables the grate to be riddled without opening the stove or or ash pit.
Single Piece Glass The stove's door is fitted with a single piece ceramic glass giving an uninterrupted view of the fire with the maximum strength.
Direct Flue Path Damper A cast iron door allowing the baffle system to be bypassed, for rapid flue warming, ensures trouble free lighting.
Cast Iron Log Guard A multi fingered guard preventing any logs from rolling out of a fire if the front door is used.
Convection Panel A vented panel at the back of the stove converts the rear radiated heat of the stove into a flow of convected heat directly into the room.
Ash Pan The ash pan is easily removed and generously sized.
Side Loading Giving the facility to load the stove with logs or coal without spilling ash and more simple than by using the front door.



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