Riva Studio 2

If you have a little more space available then the Riva Studio 2 will provide you with the extra heating capacity to make slightly larger rooms cosy throughout the winter. This model provides a truly impressive view of the flames through the 790x289mm window. The Riva Studio 2 is available with Edge or Cool Wall kits for the minimalist look or with a wide selection of outstanding frames to broaden its impact.

The selection of frames is extensive, so you can create a look to suit exactly the decorative style you require whilst options such as the fan-assisted convection system can boost the flow of heat into your room.

The Studio 2 Edge offers a very strong focal point to any room, but combined with an outstanding frame such as the visually stunning Ceramica Wave (pictured below), your Studio will entice the eye in even the largest of rooms.

Key Features

  • Removable handle
  • Wide choice of frame styles
  • High efficiency: 75%
  • Boost setting for lighting and re-fuelling
  • Removable steel and TCL baffles
  • TCL firebox lining
  • Radiant heat and convected heat
  • Heat output 8.0kW
  • Maximum log length 400mm (16")
  • External air facility
  • Optional fan-assisted convection system
  • Optional warm air ducting system
  • Top flue connection (internal ΓΈ): 153mm (6")
Riva Studio 2 Woodburning Cassette

Frame options

Frameless Edge Black Glass
Frameless Edge 'Cool Wall' Ceramica Wave Graphite
Profil Ceramica Wave Oyster White
Steel Ceramica Wave Graphite & Oyster White

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