Scan Andersen 4-5

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Scan Andersen 4-5 is a modern classic, reminiscent of the stoves of days long gone. It combines old-fashioned style with modern combustion and heating efficiency. It is the new generation of the Scan Andersen 4-2 but with softer curves.

 SCAN 4-5
 Stove colour:  Black
 Lateral covering:  Convection / soapstone
 Top plate:  Cast iron, soapstone
 Door:  Standard
 Handle:  Steel
 Rated output (kW):  4
 Min-max (kW):  3-6
 Size of room (m3):  50 - 220
 Distance to flammable materials, sides/rear (mm):  300/300
 Weight (kg):
 Convection: 94
 Soapstone: 162
 Fire box opening (mm):  200 x 305
 Flue outlet (mm):  ΓΈ 130
 Efficiency (%):  77%

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