Scan DSA 12

Scan DSA 12 has a functional door handle that is flush with the front.
Every detail of this elegant product has seamless and innovative design.


Scan DSA 12 is a fantastic built-in with perfect details in every
part. The vision is not disturbed by any baffle plate, and yet the
combustion is optimal. This is possible because of an innovative
combustion technology developed especially for this product,
which also has closed combustion.
Scan DSA 12 can be operated from both sides, but the door on
either side can also be blocked if you wish. This beautiful builtin
is a truly innovative product with high quality in every detail,
and the flame view is as wonderful as it looks.
Finish options: Black
Output (kW) min.-max.: 5 - 12
Size of room (m3): up to 425
Weight (kg): 180
Fire box opening (mm): 250 x 550
Efficiency (%): 80
Connecting piece for flue pipe, int./ext. (mm): Ø 175/179
Connecting piece for flexible tube, ext. (mm): Ø 149
Option for closed combustion system: Yes
Max log length: 50cm


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