Portfolio Category: Gas Stoves

Yeoman CL8 gas stove

Specifications Fire Effects Realistic log effect with glowing ember feature Efficiency Up to 84% Natural gas or LPG Yes Variable Heat output Up to 5.6KW Conventional Flue Top or rear exit - 127mm (5") Balanced Flue Top or Rear exit - 150mm (6") Remote Control Options Manual or remote control options Dimensions
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Steel Manhattan

With similar styling to the Ceramica Manhattan, the steel versions of the gas stove offer you even more opportunities to co-ordinate with today's contemporary decors, room sizes and furnishings, especially as there are two sizes of stove and each is available in a choice of two finishes. Whichever way you look at the Steel Manhattan…
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F40 Avanti

Designed to provide a splendid focal point in contemporarily syled interiors the F40 Avanti gas stove is available in three distinctive versions - Avanti, Avanti Midi and Avanti Highline - to suit the widest range of requirements. Each features excellent views of Gazco's highly realistic coal or log fire through its large glass window. Colour…
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