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Kensal 60HB Boiler Stove

Kensal 60HB Boiler Stove For even greater heating capacity choose the Kensal 60HB. This powerful model provides nominal heat outputs to your living space of 7kW and 11kW to the boiler so you can feed up to fifteen 2500BTU radiators in addition to a standard 8000BTU hot water cylinder. Stove Features Fuel Type Multi-fuel model…
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Kensal 40HB Boiler Stove

Kensal 40HB Boiler Stove The 40HB may the smaller of Kensal’s two Boiler Stoves, but it still boasts impressive nominal heat outputs to your living room of 4.9kW and 8.2kW to the boiler. This means it can run up to nine 2500BTU radiators as well as supplying enough heat for an 8000BTU hot water tank.…
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