3 Oven AGA

The same size as the 2-oven AGA, the 3-oven AGA has the added versatility of a third oven for baking. Like all AGAs, the 3-oven model features two insulated hotplates. Closed, the insulated covers are warm to the touch. Open, and both hotplates are instantly ready to cook. The top right-hand oven roasts, grills and bakes, and can accommodate anything as large as a 28lb/13kg turkey. At the bottom right is the simmering oven, where casseroles and vegetables can be left to improve even overnight while you focus on other tasks. Bottom left is the baking oven. Every 3-oven AGA can also be combined with either an integrated or freestanding module. Both modules with the 3-oven AGA boast the capability of two electric ovens (one with a fan) and the choice of gas or electric ceramic hob.

Fuel Options


Flue Options

Conventional flue - gas
Power flue - gas
Electric 13-amp extended vent

Technical Specifications
3 Oven AGA Technical Specifications CLICK HERE

Comes in a variety of different colours.

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