AGA 30 Amp Cooker

We’d love to be able to turn back the clock to the time when fuel prices were easier on your wallet. While that’s not within our power, what we can do is offer you the 30-amp Electric Night Storage AGA.

The 30-amp night storage model retains everything that makes an AGA great. It offers the same unique looks, same solid, hand-crafted build that can last a lifetime. What it doesn’t retain is a dependency on oil or gas. It soaks up cheaprate off-peak electricity at night to give you that characteristic warm glow throughout the day – and a fuel bill that is easier to digest.

The 30 amp electric AGA is designed to operate using a cheap-rate tariff electric supply, normally available for a restricted number of hours each day. This will charge the AGA to its full stored heat condition. In the unlikely event of the heat store falling below a pre-determined minimum temperature, an automatic top-up charge will occur, using normal, peak-rate, electricity.

The actual electrical arrangements will vary from installation to installation, depending on the type of cheap rate tariff on offer.

Where the ‘whole house’ changes over to cheap rate periods (e.g. Economy 7 systems) a 30amp, 24 hour supply, is brought into the AGA, through a suitable isolator. In addition, a second, 3 amp supply is required, also through an isolator, and which is only ‘live’ during the cheap-rate period. This circuit is used to ‘tell’ the AGA when to take a charge. In some cases this can be achieved using an independent external time clock.

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