Cuatro 3-75

  • Built-in and insert wood burner,
  • for new and existing situations,
  • optional powerful ventilator,
  • concrete ceramic interior,
  • renewed combustion system,
  • high efficiency,
  • low particles emissions,
  • perfect control over the fire,
  • dimensions: 57, 70, 75, 80, 90.

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Fuel Wood burner
Multi-fuel no
Certificates CE, Flamme Verte ★★★★★★★, 1.BImSchV, Approved Smoke Control Areas
Frame Frameless, 3-sided frame 35 mm., 4-sided frame 35 mm.
Door modern
Interior concrete ceramic
Model Insert (existing situation)
Fire view Frontal
Weight (kg)
Output (kW) 10-14
Convection casing yes
Convection ventilator optional
Microscopic dust [mg/m3] 39
CO (vol%) 0.08
Smoke-gas outlet/oxygen supply [Ø mm] 180-125
Efficiency (%) 78
System efficiency (%) 81
Max height wood logs (cm) 50
Storage drawer no
Log retainer extra height (option) no

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