Horizon Bell Small Tunnel

Horizontal Gas Fire

  • Tunnel built-in fireplace,
  • floating frame of hidden door framework,
  • wood trunks, white or grey pebble stones,
  • flat wall or black reflecting interior,
  • ceramic burner,
  • very realistic play of flames,
  • patented safety system,
  • sizes: xs, small, small tunnel, medium, large, large tunnel, XL, XXL

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Fuel Gas fire
Certificates CE
Model Built-in (new situation)
Frame Hidden Door 3, Floating Frame 3, Hidden Door 3 + 7 cm., Hidden Door 3 + 10 cm., Hidden Door 3 + 10 cm. + stone plinth
Interior plain background, Ceramic black mirror interior
Burner decoration wood logs, grey pebble stones, white marble shingles
Operating version remote control
Fire view Look-through
Weight (kg) 111
Output (kW) 2-7
Convection casing Option
Convection ventilator no
Double burner yes
Natural gas yes
Propane yes
Butane yes
Efficiency natural gas (%) 85
Efficiency propane/butane (%) 85
Natural gas rate [m3/hr] 1.10
Gas rate - propane/butane [gr/hr] 670
Combustion system - closed yes
Combustion system - open no

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