Kensal 40HB Boiler Stove

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Kensal 40HB Boiler Stove

The 40HB may the smaller of Kensal’s two Boiler Stoves, but it still boasts impressive nominal heat outputs to your living room of 4.9kW and 8.2kW to the boiler. This means it can run up to nine 2500BTU radiators as well as supplying enough heat for an 8000BTU hot water tank.

Stove Features

Fuel Type Multi-fuel model with external riddling
Optional Woodburning Tray Yes
Maximum System Rating 10kW (34,000BTU)
Maximum Log Length 40cm
Airwash Yes
Style Flat top
Door Options Removable window crosses for 'clear door' option
Flue Top or rear flue outlet
Colour Traditional matt black finish
Thermostat Yes

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