Logic Convector Gas Fire

The 16" Logic Convector is an all-new fire that is suitable for both the conventional chimneys of older properties and the gas flues built into many newer homes. It differs from the Hotbox, however by incorporating a convection system that provides virtually twice the heating efficiency. So there is even more heat going into your room. Plus you can create your own ideal look with a wide choice of frames and fronts.


  • Existing or new build coventional chimneys (Class 1)
  • 5" minimum lined flue (Class 2)
  • 5" steel flue box and chimney
  • Pre-cast flues with a minimum depth of 115mm

Installation requirements
Spacer kit(8315) will be necessary for Logic fitted to pre-cast flue

Choices to be made

  • Pebbles or coal.
  • Manual or remote. If remote, specify handset and upgrade kit 8455
  • Natural gas or LPG
Product Code Opening size Frame finsih Fuel effect Gas type Heat input Heat output
8253MA/8308PBUC 16" Metallic Alloy Pebbles Natural Gas 6.70kW 4.10kW
8253MA/P8308PBUC 16" Metallic Alloy Pebbles LPG 6.70kW 4.10kW
8253MA/P8308MCUC 16" Metallic Alloy Coals Natural Gas 6.70kW 4.10kW
8253MA/P8308MCUC 16" Metallic Alloy Coals LPG 6.70kW 4.10kW
*Front dimensions: 520 x 598 x 68mm

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