Murphy 15B

Murphy Multifuel Boiler Stove. Type 15B

  • Thermostat Control
  • Manufactured from
  • Quality Steel & Cast Iron
  • Multifuel Riddling Grate
  • Outside air As standard
  • Manufactured in UK for
  • Murphy Heating

Technical Specification

Total Efficiency Wood 73.6 %
Ancit 71.1 %
Nominal Heat Output Wood 14.0 Kw
Ancit 14.0 Kw
Output to Water Wood 9.1 Kw
Ancit 9.5 Kw
Output to Room Wood 4.8 Kw
Ancit 4.8 Kw
Mean CO Emission (at 13% O2 Wood 0.50 %
Ancit 0.31 %
Mean Flue Gas Temperature Wood 344 °c
Ancit 347 °c
Flue Gas Mass Flow Wood 11.0 g/s
Ancit 12.5 g/s
Weight 190 Kg
Tested to the requirements of EN 13229 for intermittent operation

murphy-15b-p2Murphy Heating ltd has a policy of constant improvement and upgrading.
Products therefore may differ in specification, design or dimensions at any time without prior notice.

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