Studio 2 Freestanding Gas Fire

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Sharing all the features of the Gazco Studio 1 Freestanding gas fire the larger Studio 2 displays a spectacular, panoramic flame picture and can provide a controllable heat output of up to 7.0kW, ideal for warming more spacious rooms.

Exuding presence, this stunning gas fire is offered in both White and Black steel fronts along with your choice of plinth or bench, and can achieve a designer statement wherever it is installed.

Key Facts

Brand Gazco
Fuel Beds Logs, White Stones, Glass Beads - Red, Clear or Black (White stone upgrade)
Front Black & White
Linings Vermiculite (Log effect), Black Reeded (Log effect) & Black Enamel (White Stones or Glass Beads)
Command controls Programmable Thermostatic Remote

Studio 2 Freestanding Gas Fires Information

Stove A B D Efficiency Heat Output
Studio 2 Freestanding (Conventional Flue) 896mm 396mm 1110mm 78% 6.85kW
Studio 2 Freestanding (Balanced flue) 896mm 396mm 1110mm 81% 7.0KW


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