Portfolio Category: Oil Stoves

Harmony 1 Oil Stove

The Harmony 1 has the capacity to produce a total of 9kw of heat and is therefore capable of heating much more than a single room and yet can sit discreetly on the hearth of a standard fireplace. Two boiler options are offered with this stove; the smaller option suitable for heating the domestic hot…
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Nestor Martin S21

At Nestor Martin, uncompromising engineering remains only a means to an end. That's why our stoves are exremely easy to operate. Electric ignition makes lighting the stove a quick and simple operation, and one control knob allows you to adjust the heat output according to your requirements. Its sleek styling will make it an admired…
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Harmony 5

The Harmony 5 is the smallest stove in the Harmony range. and modestly brings the permenance of cast iron and the elegance of the larger stoves into smaller rooms. With its heat outputs ranging from one to five kilowatts, this little stove is capable of providing gentle background heating or transforming the coldest or most…
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