Faber e-MatriX Mood 800-650-II

The frameless design, fascinating fire view, wide, lifelike wood decorations and the glow bed (optional) of the e-MatriX Mood electric fireplace combine to create an extremely rich and full-looking hearth that continues to captivate. A future-proof alternative to an authentic fireplace, with groundbreaking features: truly three-dimensional flames, safe, energy-efficient, with no gas, emissions or chimney. You adjust the atmosphere endlessly with the Faber app or the remote. And that makes the e-MatriX Mood electric atmosphere fire suitable and permissible almost anywhere. Conscious and responsible enjoyment!

  • Optionally extendable with top and/or bottom lighting for even more fire experience.
  • Heat adjustable as desired; up to max 2 kW.
  • No flue is needed; can be used anywhere.
  • Unique patented three-dimensional lifelike fire based on water vapour; 100% fire experience.

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